Fences were raised and detours established as crews began working on site preparation and utility planning for the construction of the on-campus stadium at Colorado State University Tuesday.4-752x421

A section of Meridian Avenue, between Pitkin Street and Lake Street, is now blocked off in order for crews to recycle concrete and asphalt from surface parking lots on the southwest area of campus. The recycled materials will be used for construction of a new 870-space parking lot, west of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Research Drive. Read more here.

11060035In an email sent early Thursday morning, Tony Frank alerted campus officials of an opportunity for the University to save money in the long run by proposing an additional sale of $18 million in bonds to fund the completion of an academic portion to the new on-campus stadium.

“At this time, I am skeptical that we would actually proceed with the academic portion, but I think the option of discussing the opportunity is rational,” Frank wrote.

Later in the day Frank added the proposal as an amendment to the $164 million bond package that the Board of Governors was scheduled to approve. The Board approved the package and the amendment, boosting the possible total to $181.6 million, but Frank has yet to decide if he will move forward with it. Read more here.

IMG_9740-e1429570945414Banana bread and key lime are only two of the hundreds of liquid nicotine flavors available for testing in Fort Collins electronic cigarette stores, but a new Fort Collins smoking ordinance has forced some store owners to stop allowing sampling inside the store.

Tasting bars that previously allowed customers to sample products inside of electronic cigarette stores have become illegal since the Fort Collins Municipal Code prohibited smoking in all public places and places of employment. With the prohibition of electronic smoking device use inside of vape stores, some local businesses have said the ordinance is counter-productive, while others are still allowing customers to vape inside. Read more here.

Clayton King and Kwon Yearby are encouraging sustainability, student rights and diversity representation as part of their 2015 - 2016 campaign initiatives. (Photo Credit: Christina Vessa)

Five months ago, he lost his ASCSU senate seat due to an impeachment. Now, he is running for student body president.

Sustainability, increasing diversity and fighting for student rights are three main platforms of Kwon Yearby and Clayton King’s “Fight On” campaign. These candidates hope to encourage a green campaign by connecting to students through student media, instead of traditional fliers. Read more here.